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Outbound Ships Passenger Lists

Ships sailing from Canada and USA to England, Europe, North America & Other Ports

Neither U.S. A. nor Canada maintained outbound ships passenger lists.

ShipsListsOnline is pleased to announce a new project to transcribe ships passenger lists leaving USA, bound for Europe and United Kingdom. These passenger lists were donated to ShipsListsOnline by Shelby Thompson from her personal collection.

Our ShipsListsOnline Team is hard at work on these lists so please watch this page or join Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter for updates on this and other Ship Passenger List Indexing Projects

Steamer Augusta for Savannah Georgia 16 Nov 1857

Passengers Sailed on Steamer Augusta for Savannah Georgia 16 Nov 1857
*  Miss Sarah A Hoyt
*  Mrs A C King and child
*  Mrs A G Jewett
*  Miss Jewett
*  Mr [?] C Veader
*  Mrs M A Cooke
*  Mrs J L Locke and daughter
*  Wm Winters
*  N F Cabot
*  Samuel Scribner and grand-daughter
*  Miss Scribner
*  Robert Hutcheson
*  [?] Peck
*  Mrs Staone and child
* J Bramell
*  L I Lewis
*  Geo Gordon
*  C A Lyons
*  C H Sticknery
*  Wm G Santerran
*  G Cropsey
*  Miss Langdon
*  Miss S. Langdon
*  C S Griswold
*  Mr and Mrs P Churchill
*  Wm M McVoy
* Capt Lawler
*  Mrs D Bradley
*  J Burnslde [?]
*  Wm T Baum
*  J M Crummey
*  A F Winslow
*  Miss Mary Foster
*  H W Schwartz E Leech
*  Mrs O F Noltemoyer
*  Mrs Adeline Carr
*  Mrs H Carter
*  Mrs Fahbanks and 2 children
*  John F Bridgeman
*  L Fried and [?] in steerage
Transcriber Laura Freeman February 2008
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