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Outbound Ships Passenger Lists

Ships sailing from Canada and USA to England, Europe, North America & Other Ports

Neither U.S. A. nor Canada maintained outbound ships passenger lists.

ShipsListsOnline is pleased to announce a new project to transcribe ships passenger lists leaving USA, bound for Europe and United Kingdom. These passenger lists were donated to ShipsListsOnline by Shelby Thompson from her personal collection.

Our ShipsListsOnline Team is hard at work on these lists so please watch this page or join Olive Tree Genealogy Newsletter for updates on this and other Ship Passenger List Indexing Projects

steamship Europa for Liverpool from New York 20 May 1852

List of passengers on board steamship Europa for Liverpool from New York 20 May 1852

* Mr and Mrs John Huges
* Mrs Baker and child and servant Milwaukee
* two Misses Gordon Canada
* Mr Schwal lady and two children N Y
* Miss P Crainth Englad
* R Munkettrick and lady N Y
* B B Heath and lady Philadelphia
* Theo Knauth and lady Leipsie
* Miss Steyer
* Master Johannes Knauth
* Miss Camilla Knauth nurse and child
* Mrs Maynard child and servant Woodstock U C
* Miss Mills do
* Capt Canfield lady two children and servant England
* Robt Bunck H M Vice Consul N B
* My Sibbern Norwegian and Swedish Leg [??]
* Dr R McLimont N Y
* M Maynard Jr Bearer of Dispatches
* J J Hagerty New Orleans
* H Y Schhenmann CAl
* E Capiral
* E Goursand Paris
* L M Beels
* Glasgow Holmes Philadelphia
* S Mason Newark N J
* H Theirman Charleston
* H Robinson N Y
* H Rilliet do
* G W Hennings do
* E Coffin do
* W M Mills Woodstock U C
* Signor Bettini and lady Italy
* Mr Thorn and lady Utica N Y
* Miss ARnold
* Miss Widder
* Sohn ARnold Canada
* John Cox N Y
* Hon James Gordon Canada
* S P Morton Boston
* E CAsares
* J H Lavalle Mexico
* F Anderson
* [?]A Swain Nantucket

* Mr James Lamont
* Mr Mohl Berlin
* Robert Hutton New York
* Mr John Laurie New York
* Alex Hutton
* Mr Edward L T Neriat
* D D Walkington Mobile
* Don Franesco [?] Potel
* G N Dickers Sheffield
* Mr Henry Tall Havana
* Mr Winebraner Phildelphia
* A B Coureele
* D Peppenheimer Cincinnatti
* Mr Marshall
* Mr Taylor New York
* Mr Kehee Dublin
* FErgus O'Connor Dublin
* A Fornet New York
* Mr Sescan France
* A Bengulinval France
* Mrs Cernesson
* Mr and Mrs Barvuthtel Paris
* Capt Ball England
* Mr Ravenscroft
* Lieut Sterling R A
* Messrs Isaac Gregg Tenn
* Hagg Canada
* S Kohstam New York
* Hamel Quebec
* Cau[?]tnct [?] Quebec
* Mr B Rickings Liverpool
* Mrs Florinta Paris
* Messrs Sibberus and servant
* Kohlmos New York
* Henry Clausen do
* Mendershon
* M Phinease do
* G W Schey do
* C HIckman do
* Duboce do
* T A Rolfs Amsterdam
* Charles Davidson New York
* L Wineberg do
* Linge Isola Italy
* Jacobs Nordlinger
* Wm Hammond
* E Emrick Reynolds Albany
* H Trudant New York
* Mrs Cook Canada
* John Allan New York
* Sechard and lady
Total 123
Transcriber Laura Freeman June 2008
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