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Neither U.S. A. nor Canada maintained outbound ships passenger lists.

ShipsListsOnline is pleased to announce a new project to transcribe ships passenger lists leaving USA, bound for Europe and United Kingdom. These passenger lists were donated to ShipsListsOnline by Shelby Thompson from her personal collection.

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Steamship Kangaroo for Liverpool from New York 18 June 1858

Partial List of passengers on board Steamship Kangaroo for Liverpool from New York 18 June 1858

* Mrs Rennell
* Mrs Williams and child
* Miss R A McMullan
* Miss Julie Chatelain
* Mrs Mary L O'Meara
* Mrs N Melhado
* Mr C H Phillips and lady
* Dr Holland
* G W Franzheim
* Mr Phillips
* Dr Rabel wife and two children
* Mr J A Edwards
* Mr J H Edwards
* Mr E C Good hue and lady
* Jas Plinkett
* the Rev Dr. Douglas
* P Kirland
* P Acfabore
* Mr Green
* the Rev E R T cook
* Mr Henry
* R E McMurray
* Stone and lady
* Patrick Mc Cahill

* T D Burmind
* Patrick O'Reily
* J F Bollman
* Luke Paper
* W J L Moulton
* Wm Mein
* Thos Archer
* J Duncan
* Wm Diston
* J DAwson
* M Abram
* P T Barnum Esq
* Mr G L Napier
* Mr Walter G Ridgway
* Mrs John G Fielding and daughter
* Mrs Chaffer
* Miss Duffy
* Mr Henderson
* Mr Rouvier
* Mr Gil[?]erson and family
* Mr Taime Badais
* Mr George Desbarts
* Mr A BAston
* Mr Wm Parke
Transcriber Laura Freeman June 2008
55 and 121 in steerage Total 176
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